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Ladner (Delta)
Paterson Park
5800 Clarence Taylor Blvd
Delta, BC V4K 3V6

Ladner Rotary is providing the volunteers for directing parking for the 3-day Barnside Harvest Festival and our club is going to receive approximately $7,000 from the Organizers which will help fund Rotary projects by the Club.

If you volunteer for a shift to help Ladner Rotary with on site parking, you will receive a one day festival pass for the day of your choice that  has a value of $55 plus you will receive an invite to the Appreciation Party in the VIP area on Sunday where there will complimentary food and beverages as well as an Eagles tribute band.

Ladner Rotarians can be teamed up into pairs and then take turns sitting in the Volunteer Area under our canopy.  Please send an email to and indicate you would like to be paired up and share a shift or you can advise me who your volunteer partner is.

Volunteers will be using a scanner to authorize pre-purchased parking vouchers and will be using a Square to collect credit card payment (or cash) if driver does not have a pre-paid parking voucher.

Volunteers will be directing traffic to specific "parking stall" as drivers enter Paterson Park.

Specific volunteer duties are still being firmed up. More details to follow.

Please ask your spouse/partner, family members and friends to volunteer with you (minimum 19 years of age). 

So far, we have (5) volunteers outside of our club (3 non-Rotarians and 2 Arbutus Club Rotarians).

Friday September 15: 

Shift start times vary between 2 PM and 3 PM (7 volunteers required)

Shift end times vary between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM

Saturday September 16 

Shift start time of 1st shift is 10 AM (5 volunteers required, 2 volunteers signed up already)

Shift ends 4 PM

Shift start time of 2nd shift is 4 PM (6 volunteers required, 1 volunteer signed up already)

Shift end times for 2nd shift vary between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM

Sunday September 17: 

Shift start time is 10 AM (5 volunteers required. 2 volunteers signed up already)

Shift end times vary between 5 PM and 6:30 PM.