Speaker Date Topic
Frank Crema, Treasurer, Delta Hospital Auxiliary Feb 07, 2023
Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society- Their Story of Years of Service supporting Health Care to Delta.

Also a brief Presentation from our District 5040 - 2023 Convention Committee. Rotary Roy Prevost will give up a brief update on our upcoming Convention in Vancouver, this coming April 2023, and why we should all attend.

John Stevens Feb 14, 2023
Delta Fishers Society Restoration Project and History
Richard Wischnewski, Exec Dir, Delta Gymnastics Feb 21, 2023
Update, Programs and Information on Delta Gymnastics.
Rotary District DEI Chair - Ardath Paxton-Mann Feb 28, 2023
"DEI 101" - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Rotary's Relevance and Sustainability.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -- Rotary's relevance and sustainability


Rotary is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. We seek to allow everyone's voice to be heard, and to provide equitable opportunities for fellowship, service, and leadership. We support open communication and shared learning among ourselves and with our communities. While Rotary overall is a model of Diversity Equity and Inclusion many of our 35,000 clubs are not. In 2021 a Rotary international task force on DEI conducted research among 31,000 Rotarians and completed its report and recommendations. The policy and guidelines were focused on a strategy to support clubs and members in making any transition they choose to make in adopting DEI and aligning with their local communities. In 2021 Rotary District 5040 formed a DEI Committee to work with our 49 clubs on ways they can choose to reflect and engage with the communities they serve and become more relevant. DEI is the way forward for the sustainability of Rotary clubs. It has an impact on membership, fundraising and the Rotary experience of members. District DEI Committee Chair Ardath Paxton-Mann and committee member, Peter Roaf, will present on "DEI 101" to serve as a foundation for this transition.

Andrew Neufeld, CEO, Alongside You Mar 07, 2023
Local Accessible Health Care
Karon Trenaman, MA, ICBC, Road Safety & Area Cdnr Mar 21, 2023
Road Safety in Delta and area.