Posted on Jun 01, 2020
For low income mothers and families raising children as they struggle with trying to make ends meet, all volunteer Mamas for Mamas, in Delta, welcomes relief of $8,000 to cover the cost of groceries, diapers, formula, counseling and the part-time, temporary hiring of somebody to deliver and pick up. Funding of $4,000 comes from the Rotary Club of Ladner, which resonated with Mama’s for Mama’s vision that no mother or caregiver, or child, is left behind, especially during this even more challenging period of COVID-19 restrictions. -- photo courtesy of Delta Optimist
Citizens for Public Justice reports that 5.8 million people in Canada (or 16.8%) live in poverty. Mamas for Mamas is committed not only to giving a hand up to those in need by providing them with essential needs, but working with governments and agencies to interrupt the vicious cycle of poverty, mental health issues, housing, and food insecurity.
Ladner Rotary expanded their donation by attracting matching funds of $4,000 from the Delta Foundation, the community foundation for Delta. Funding for this community relief program came from the Vancouver Foundation. 
“Rotary worldwide focuses on six priority areas in its service to the world,” says Ladner Rotary Board Director Mike Storey, “and our club’s support of Mamas for Mamas hits on, or affects, three of them. They are maternal and child health and economic and community development and the impact on basic education and literacy. Not only that, we were inspired, as People of Action, by the founders of this Mamas for Mamas who built this charity for such an important cause so no child is left behind.”
This Delta-based Mamas for Mamas started a year ago with a Spring Swap of household items and clothing among families and neighbours in a Delta neighbourhood. It was a Neighbourhood Small Grant of $500 from the Delta Foundation, through funding also from the Vancouver Foundation, which covered hospitality and other expenses and helped launch this growing community support group.