Posted on Apr 25, 2023
A group of citizens concerned with the protection of Burns Bog, in Delta, formed the Burns Bog Conservation Society in 1988. Over time this group has helped to save Burns Bog from various development proposals. In 2004, over 5,000 acres of Burns Bog was purchased by the City of Delta, Metro Vancouver, the Province of BC, and the Federal Government. This land was set aside as an ecological conservancy, limiting public access to these lands. The Burns Bog Conservation Society now holds education and stewardship events solely in the Delta Nature Reserve, where the public is able to join our hardworking staff. ---photo by Ruth Hartnup
Nicola Jurinovic is the Environmental Programs Coordinator at Burns Bog Conservation Society in Delta, where she develops, organizes and runs all of the nonprofit's programming, from summer camps to ecological restoration events to public outreach events. Nicola holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science from McGill University. She has since worked for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on a meta-analysis project investigating the effects of 4R nutrient management practices on nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils. 
Alfredo Goco and President Guillermo Bustos thank Nicola Jurinovic