Posted on Apr 20, 2021
Captain Cook Rediscovered is the latest book by David Nicandri. It is the first modern study to frame Captain James Cook’s career from a North American perspective, recognizing that Cook sailed more miles in the high latitudes of all of the world’s oceans than in the tropical zone. The book focuses on Cook's voyages in seas and on lands usually neglected. The most famous protege of this world renowned explorer was Captain George Vancouver.
David is the author of several other books on Northwest History including River of Promise: Lewis & Clark on the Columbia (2009); Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage (2015) [co-edited with James Barnett], and Lewis & Clark Reframed: Examining Ties to Cook, Vancouver, and Mackenzie.
He was Director of the Washington State Historical Society for 24 years, from 1987 to 2011. He is a former member of Tumwater, Washington City Council and the Tumwater Rotary Club.
A faint line on this map traces the three major voyages of Captain James Cook
Map of Newfoundland by James Cook
in his early days which helped launch
his career into larger global expeditions
On Cook's third expedition, a detailed
map he drew in the area of Prince
William Sound on Alaska's south coast