Posted on Aug 10, 2021
Speaking to the Rotary Club of Ladner on August 10th, Conservative party candidate for Delta in the next federal election, Garry Shearer, talked about what he had learned about the community over the past three years.
Long time Rotarian with the Tsawwassen club, former Rotary District 5040 Governor of 50 clubs from Vancouver up the coast and current Executive Director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Garry said he began knocking on doors throughout Delta in 2018 to talk to people in his bid to join Delta City Council as an advocate for the business community. A former executive of several successful start-up businesses in the technology sector, he continues to speak up for the business community, once again knocking on doors to become Delta's next Member of Parliament.
"A few people have labelled me as a one-issue all business candidate," he says. "Well, I’m not going to apologize for that. Without business, without an economy, without jobs, we don’t have the taxes and payrolls that support families and communities throughout our country.  
He said the Liberals will tell you they and they alone saved the day with all the COVID support programs that were rolled out during the pandemic. It was, in fact, the non-partisan efforts of all the parties to get Canadians the support they needed and a lot of pushing the current government to increase benefits to save jobs and companies from folding. 
Continual advocacy by the federal Opposition took months and many business failures to change the small business rent relief from the control of the landlords to tenants for the much-needed rent relief. While small businesses were struggling, money was being spent on individual relief programs that ended up incenting people not to work when the economy started to re-open. The current government's proposed budget, he added, will continue to spend more deficit increasing dollars without any plan on how those dollars will provide Canada a return on investment and secure our future. 
Highlights of the Conservative Party's Recovery Plan include: 
  • recover jobs lost during the pandemic rather than pay people to stay home and redirect funds to small businesses;
  • immediate action to help the hardest hit sectors; 
  • provide incentives to invest, rebuild and start new businesses;
  • create opportunity in all urban and rural business sectors; 
  • secure accountability and transparency to avoid future government spending scandals;
  • boost funding to provinces for mental health care, encourage with incentives employers to provide employees with mental health coverage and create a 3 digit nation-wide suicide prevention hotline;
  • protect Canadians with a supply of critical vaccines and health services to deal with a pandemic;
  • after spending to protect Canadians as the right thing to do, it is time to start getting spending under control by winding down COVID support programs as more Canadians get vaccinated and the most vulnerable people are protected;
  • ensure stimulus measures are targeted and time-limited to avoid perpetuating deficits;
  • invest in programs to get the economy growing again after six years of the slowest growth in decades.