Posted on Oct 25, 2022
Ladner Rotarian Alfredo Goco, business owner and retired financial management advisor, says faith and a positive attitude towards life has kept him going through some extraordinary challenges including a double lung transplant in the past two years. Another hurdle earlier in his life was being kidnapped for ransom in this native, The Philippines. He negotiated the ransom demand of 5 million pesos (today CDN$11,6387) down to 50,000 (CDN$1,163) and was freed. A second person kidnapped at the same time was executed by the kidnappers.
Alfredo, known as Dindo, began his connection with Rotary from his family home as a Rotary Exchange Student for a year in the United States.
He eventually became President and CEO of Sinaoga Salt and Shrimp Farm, on Sinaoga Island, The Philippines. Salt is harvested from capturing sea water and evaporating the water in 1,000 shallow concrete trays.
Sinaoga Salt and Shrimp Farm
Goco Ancestral House of almost 150 years, in
Old Town Taal, Batangas
He has also been a Small Business Manager for Scotiabank 2010-13 and Financial Advisor for JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2004-2009.
Richard Shantz and President Guillermo Bustos
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