A large segment of the population is retiring, displaced workers are seeking employment and new skills, and vast numbers of young, diverse, and underrepresented workers are joining the workforce. The construction industry needs to ensure effective transfer of knowledge to keep up with this churn of change. 
Successful mentorship is a critical element in building a high-quality workforce and has been shown to positively affect productivity, safety, quality, and client relations on the job. 

SkillPlan has developed and implemented an industry-proven mentorship model for the construction industry that can also transfer well to other settings.

For over 20 years, Kyle Downie has worked both internationally and nationally leading educational and workforce development teams, developing and designing programming, instructing, and mentoring for both private and public industries.
Currently, he is the CEO of SkillPlan where he focuses on developing strategies to improve the skills of workers in the unionized construction industry through the Building Trades unions and their affiliated contractors throughout Canada.