Posted by Peter Roaf on Nov 26, 2019
Over 70 million children in the world are too poor to go to school. This is not a third world problem, it's a world problem. Conventional approaches are not working. New approaches are needed. Amarok Society brings a revolutionary solution to a chronic humanitarian problem.
Co-Executive Director of Amarok Society, Gem Munro, told Ladner Rotary members that his organiztion changes the lives of thousands of children through its unusual and daring design for educating the dwellers of desperately poor slums, where there is no money to educate them and fundamentalist fanatics control communities: it empowers mothers.
In three of the most troubled, violent and dangerous countries in the world -- Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria -- Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers how to read and write, and then teaches the mothers to be neighbourhood teachers.
According to Amarok, the failure of humanity to educate all its children is our greatest sin of omission. This sin leads to extremist violence and warfare to which a response of  further violence and warfare has been futile. Amarok says education is the only means available to us for defeating the objectives of extremists.