Posted by Peter Roaf on Mar 15, 2022
Three Grade 4 students from the same class in Suchitlan, a town of 4,836 in the State of Colima, Mexico, have received support with their homework and have access to computers at the Project Amigo funded Study Center with support from the Rotary Club of Ladner.
Rotarian Elly Contreras, who is Project Amigo Canada Society Liaison, said, all kids deserve the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, to stay in school, and to make choices about their futures. A sponsorship provides a student with the tools they need: shoes, clothing, a Christmas gift and educational services. 
Dayani, Gabriel and Jesus, now supported by Ladner Rotary, are among the Primary School students in the Incentive Program who receive a variety of incentives, such as a day at the beach, or picnic at the lake. 
The student's horizons are broadened by connecting them with people beyond their own communities with the annual “Day at the Beach” field trip and the volunteer-driven Christmas Fiesta. At the Christmas Fiesta they receive a set of clothing, shoes, toy book, a visit with Santa and a fiesta with Piñatas, food and candy. additional incentives include school supplies, medical or socials needs, their families are not able to afford.
Conteras says: "We are absolutely delighted to have received your kind sponsorship donation towards the studies of three of our students in the Incentive Program. Many of our student scholars tell us that when they feel overwhelmed with school or with challenges at home, they think about their sponsors and that helps them to keep moving forward. Your support is so much more than just the financial part."