Posted by Peter Roaf on Mar 04, 2022
Around 50,000 people from over 87 countries are expected to attend the World Education Summit March 21st to 24th. One of the featured speakers is internationally recognized education consultant and leader Dr. Avis Glaze who is a Ladner Rotarian. The World Education Summit is described as the largest annual virtual gathering of the greatest minds in education, passionate teachers and brave leaders from every corner of the world.
The World Education Summit, sponsored by Osiris Educational, started in late 2020 for educators had lost out on valuable professional development during the pandemic. From a gathering of a few world-class educationalists delivering for a small virtual audience. the Summit has grown to include 200+ speakers to create a web of expertise that stretched from all corners of the education world. 
Dr. Avis Glaze is an award-winning, revolutionary international educationalist, and a passionate champion of equity, system reform, inclusive leadership, and democracy of learning at the highest levels of global education. She is a multi-best-selling author, and one of the world’s most inspiring authorities on improving the outcomes of all children. Dr. Avis advises countless governments and educational authorities, helping to improve the lives and achievements of millions of learners worldwide, driven by her core belief that all educators play a fundamental role in sustaining democracy. We are honoured by her inspiring and forward-thinking presence at the Summit. Areas of Expertise: Curriculum – Equity and Inclusion – Leadership and Management – Whole School Improvement and System Reform