Dr. Lisa Ghent,BSc, ND, a doctor in Naturopathic Medicine and clinic leader at Collaborative Wellness in Ladner, was personally drawn to naturopathic medicine over 10 years ago when a naturopath helped her and her husband have children after a struggle to become pregnant. The idea of really listening to people’s stories and treating them holistically to help guide them towards health became the appeal of this field of medicine. -- photos by Mel Baly
Dr. Lisa Ghent makes a cheerful presentation, and provides wellness advice, to Ladner Rotarians
President Bridget Jacob and Guillermo Bustos thank Dr. Lisa Ghent
Collaborative Wellness in Ladner provides these services:
Naturopathic Medicine
IV and Injection Therapies
Registered Massage Therapy
Custom Orthotics
Custom Bracing
Bowen Therapy