Posted on Sep 10, 2019
The 45 or so ElderCollege courses offered in spring and fall semesters are short and stimulating with no pressure and no exams. Paulette Tattersall, Program Coordinator, explains that ElderCollege Delta is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing life long learning and personal growth through a relaxed approach where no prior experience is necessary.
Paulette Tattersall, centre, is thanked by Wilbur Walrond and President Bridget Jacob
The ElderCollege courses meet the wide variety of interests and needs demonstrated by adults “north of 50” in topics such as Computers, Art, Literature, Languages, Opera, Psychology, Science, Current Affairs, Social Issues, Gardening and much more.
All of the instructors are volunteers, experienced in their respective fields.
Over 600 people have taken courses to date. ElderCollege, with 400 members, is part of a network of 40,000 members worldwide.