A plant-based lifestyle is far more than just a diet. The goal of West Vancouver-based PlantX is to educate the masses on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and eliminate the barriers to entry for all. As PlantX co-founder, Sean Dollinger, describes the lifestyle on his company website, "It’s a way to be closer to nature, to each other, and work toward a kinder and cruelty-free future for everyone."
With busy lives there's less time to cook and shop for ourselves, especially using real, healthy ingredients. PlantX not only solves problems like these, but crushes misconceptions, and aims to help you lead a longer, healthier, and happier life. In addition to education and resources, PlantX is an ever-expanding online marketplace for everything health and wellness.

A serial entrepreneur, Sean Dollinger started a delivery company at the age of 17 that soon became one of the largest in Canada. In 2014, he launched his first public company, Namaste Technologies.
Having left Namaste in March 2019, Mr. Dollinger has since provided advisory services for three public companies that doubled their market caps in just three months.
Mr. Dollinger is also a passionate vegan who has an excellent grasp of the plant-based market.