Posted by Peter Roaf on Aug 03, 2021
The death of an off duty corrections officer, who was recently shot in a North Delta shopping mall, has led to protocols developed by Delta Police with local retailers about what to do in the event of a similar incident to protect themselves and their customers. Ladner Rotarian, Acting Sergeant Ken Kirk, provided this update at our club meeting on August 3rd. The theft of catalytic converters, especially from larger vehicles, has been increasing, now even in daylight from the middle of shopping malls, he reported. A driver can have their catalytic converter etched with their identification, through Delta Police Department, and a bike rider, their bike registered, in case of theft. Stolen property has been returned through that kind of system. Delta Police continues to serve, and work with, Tsawwassen First Nation, as well as all of Delta. Volunteers' contributing to community policing had dropped off during the past year or so of pandemic restrictions, but will be picking up again this Fall. Once again, Delta residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for any threats to security and safety and report them to police: "No call too small."