One in three women in our world suffer from gender-based violence. During this COVID-19 pandemic there is estimated to be a 20 percent increase in reports of this form of violence. For every month our self isolation continues gender-based violence is expected to increase even more, by an estimated 15 million more cases. These are the chilling facts presented by Rotary Peace Fellow Will McInerney.
Research indicates that men and boys tend to think that male violence against women is a women's issue and remain silent and absent from the discussion. It also explains why women are leading discussion and action worldwide. Part of the longer term solution lies in the perspective that, "Men influence men." A recording of this presentation is available: click here.

Will has been addressing the topic of “Reducing male violence” in his research. He received his Rotary Peace Fellowship in 2016 from Bradford University in England and is now a Ph.D. candidate in Education at the University of Cambridge. He received a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, one of the most competitive and prestigious international scholarships in the world.
Rotary Peace Fellow Will McInerney
Will McInerney is an award-winning spoken word poet, educator, and journalist specializing in the intersection of conflict transformation and creative expression. He has taught and presented about peace education, spoken word poetry, and men’s violence prevention at over 15 universities and more than 100 schools, NGOs, non-profits, and businesses across North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and South-East Asia.