Posted on Nov 05, 2022
What injustice keeps you awake at night? What really bothers you and makes you say, "I want to do something about that"? What wrong do you see in society that you want to make right? Is it in your local community? Is it elsewhere in the world? What is the cause that you care deeply about? Connect your cash to a cause, your money to a movement, your profits to a purpose. That is what changes everything. That is the Generosity Purpose.
What’s your Generosity Purpose? Is it helping abolish sex trafficking? Helping your city’s homeless population? Or is it more personal, like funding your children’s college tuition or paying for the piano lessons your granddaughter has always wanted to take? It’s not about you, but about someone or something that you believe can do more good and leave an impact on the world. After all, the Me Show will one day get canceled. The We Show always gets high ratings and airs longer.
-- excerpt from "Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good," by Derrick Kinney, Rotary Club of Arlington, Texas