Posted on Dec 28, 2021
Women continue to face economic hurdles, declining levels of political participation, and challenges in the workplace, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021. And the COVID-19 pandemic is among the factors that have extended the amount of time that experts estimate it will take to close the gender gap.
"There is no shortage of need, and the impact of even simple projects can be significant when the power of Rotary is focused on empowering girls," says Elizabeth Usovicz, Rotary International Director. 
In his address to the Rotary International Convention in June 2021, incoming Rotary President Shekhar Mehta urged Rotary members to put improving girls’ futures at the forefront of their work. 
Mehta said, “It is important that we empower girls as we all find that more often than not, the girl is disadvantaged. We will serve all children, but our laser focus will be specially on the girl.”