Posted on Sep 20, 2022
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and empowering girls at home and around the world are among the priorities of our current Rotary International President, Canadian Jennifer Jones, according to District 5040 Governor John Berry who visited the Rotary Club of Ladner with his wife, Pat, on September 20th. Assistant Governor for South Delta and Richmond, Dean Hsieh, also attended. One main theme of John's presentation was the importance and necessity for clubs and Rotarians to make choices in Rotary and in life because, “You can’t do everything.”
John added that DEI really represents the long held values of Rotary. He said that Rotary’s Action Plan is something we need to keep in mind as our clubs plan their activities. We need to take meaningful responsibility to engage and retain our members and volunteers. We also need to take care of ourselves. He congratulated Ladner Rotary for the club’s strong support of The Rotary Foundation.
Riki Salam, an Australian artist and graphic designer specializing in contemporary Indigenous art, design, and communications, designed the Rotary International “Imagine” logo in the 2022-23 year of President Jennifer Jones, who encourages Rotary members to just imagine what our clubs around the world can do for our communities:
• the circle in aboriginal culture signifies our connections to one another
• the dots around it represent people and there are seven because of Rotary's seven areas of focus
• the circle and the dots together become a navigation star, our guiding light
• the solid line underneath represents a digging stick, used for doing hard work, and, for Rotarians, as people of action, for getting things done
• the colors green, purple, and white: green for the environment one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus, purple for global polio eradication and white for peace
• the colors are also those of the women’s movement, the Suffragettes, as Jennifer Jones serves as the first female president of Rotary since its founding in 1905
District Governor John Berry and Pat are thanked by (l to r) Past District Governor Chris Offer, President Guillermo Bustos with Assistant Governor Dean Hsieh