Posted on Mar 08, 2022
Personal gender pronouns or personal gender pronouns refer to the set of pronouns that an individual wants others to use in order to reflect that person's gender identity. In English, when declaring one's chosen pronouns, a person will often state the subject and object pronouns—for example, "he/him", "she/her", or "they/them"—although sometimes, the possessive pronouns are also stated. The pronouns chosen may include neopronouns such as "ze" and "zir". Ladner Rotarian Pania Lincoln gave on overview of using various pronouns people now use to identify their gender.
Pania Lincoln speaks about the new pronouns and the different ways people identify their gender
On right, Pania Lincoln is thanked by Past District Governor Penny Offer, with President Denis Denischuk, in front of the banner and 2021-22 Rotary theme, "Serve to change lives," led by Rotary International President Shekar Mehta, who is a strong advocate for improving the lives and opportunities for girls around the world