Posted on Feb 21, 2023
Delta Gymnastics Society considers itself one of Canada’s top gymnastics clubs because of the way it treats each of its gymnasts, at every level. With the slogan, "Where Kids Are First," Delta Gymnastics doesn't just build athletes, it builds people.
Executive Director of Delta Gymnastics Richard Wischnewski says, “Where kids are first,” is more than a motto, it’s how the Society operates: from decisions about which programs to offer, to how to coach and train and the large community outreach program and presence in schools. The goal is to give children a lifelong passion for physical activity and to empower them to become successful people through gymnastics.
The commitment to “gymnastics for everyone” -- recreational or competitive -- is a big part of the success, with more than 2,000 members and growing, as young as 6 months and, younger still, 80+ years old.
Delta Gymnastics had to close for a while during the pandemic and has been rebuilding since, having lost a number of coaches. Richard is still searching for gymnastic coaches to return to full, pre-COVID capacity, to reduce the waiting list for eager gymnasts. He is also appealing for funding from the generous Delta community.
Ulf Ottho and President Guillermo Bustos thank
Richard Wischnewski