Donations Policy & Project Selection Criteria
This policy is intended to establish guidelines and procedures for the effective and consistent administration of Rotary Club of Ladner’s donations to groups and not for profit organizations for the benefit of the community locally and internationally.
Funds used for donations are derived from fundraising programs conducted by the Rotary Club of Ladner. 
Rotary Club of Ladner prefers to award donations that have a humanitarian or educational focus. Preference is given to those programs and services that benefit many people as opposed to a single beneficiary. The priority of the Rotary Club of Ladner is to support projects in partnership with The Rotary Foundation and with other Rotary clubs.
Rotary Club of Ladner prefers to award donations for “capital “projects, (i.e. equipment, furnishings, computer supplies, etc.) vs. operational funding. Funding for wages will not generally be considered. Donations may be awarded for one‐time programs or new and innovative services.
Rotary Club of Ladner awards donations to not‐for‐profit organizations or agencies as opposed to individuals. Organizations need not be registered charities unless the funds used by the Rotary Club of Ladner are derived from licensed events such as lotteries or raffles [regulations require qualified recipient of the donation to be registered charities].
Rotary Club of Ladner prefers to award donations annually as opposed to making multi‐year commitments.
Donations awarded by Rotary Club of Ladner are to be generally used to benefit the community and residents of Delta and approved international projects.
Applicant organizations must apply in writing outlining the nature of the request. The application should provide:
  • brief description of the organization and its activities
  • concise description of the request
  • purpose and expected results
  • budget of the organization
  • last audited or reviewed financial statements
  • requested amount
  • supporting documentation
  • name and contact information for the applicant’s representative
  • registration number if the organizations is a registered charity.
Rotary Club of Ladner requests that recipients of the donations acknowledge the Rotary Club of Ladner in any public means normally used by the recipient of the donation, including public events, news release, website, social media and print materials. 
When it is appropriate, items of property acquired with funds from the Rotary Club of Ladner will be marked with the Rotary emblem and/or the name Rotary Club of Ladner Club. The Rotary Club of Ladner may send out a news release to the media in addition to publicity by the recipient of the donation.
There is no deadline for applications. A reply can be expected within two months of receipt of your request.
Please forward requests to: Lynn Cameron at