Posted on Aug 20, 2019
Delta Clubhouse is a community of understanding, like-minded adults living with a mental illness who might share the same experiences. The Clubhouse welcomes people with mental health challenges and provides a safe, supportive environment where one can socialize, participate in fun recreational activities, learn employment skills, and increase community involvement.
Delta Clubhouse (North & South) is based on a psycho-social rehabilitation approach to wellness. Participants are encouraged to engage in the daily operations. Each has an individual service plan that is reviewed on a regular basis and modified as circumstances dictate.
Staff are trained and possess an understanding of the obstacles facing people living with a mental illness, and can provide support in skill building, locating useful community resources and finding suitable volunteer opportunities.
Preetika Royal, Program Manager, Delta CH & Supported Living Program (left) is thanked by President Bridget Jacob and Arthur Birk